Welcome! The colorectal surgeons at Providence Colorectal are pleased to welcome you to our practice. We want all our patients to be informed decision makers and fully understand any health issues you face. That’s why we’ve developed a website loaded with valuable information about colorectal surgery, endoscopy and digestive problems and treatments.

Our website also provides you with the background about out surgeons, staff, office hours, financing policies, appointment procedures, maps, directions to our offices in Southfield, Novi, Livonia, & Brighton. We know how hectic life can be and are committed to making out practice convenient and accessible. And we want you to feel confident that when you choose Providence Colorectal, you’re working with professionals who are qualified, experiences and caring.

Please take a few moments to look thorough this site to get a better feel for Providence Colorectal’s capabilities and services. We also invite you to email or call our Southfield office at any time to request appointment or ask any questions. Thank you.

For over 20 years, the Colon & Rectal Surgeons of Providence Colorectal have been committed  to providing a compassionate, patient-centered medical practice for colorectal cancer screening and treatment for thousands of patients throughout Southeast Michigan. We provide a range of services including Colon CancerRobotic Colectomy, Laparoscopic Colectomy, Hemorrhoid, Diverticulitis and more. 


Through years of specialized, world-class medical training and an ongoing dedication to developing the safest, medically-advanced and minimally-invasive treatment options available, Dr. Ralph Pearlman and Dr. Amir Damadi strive to deliver the highest possible standard of treatment to each patient based on their individual needs. 

A Reputation for Excellence
Dr. Pearlman, Dr. Damadi and Dr. Parker's commitment to their patients’ needs and  standards for excellence have been recognized by various publications and acknowledgements from throughout the medical community, including:

  • Metro-Detroit’s Top Docs: Hour Magazine, 2008- 2012
  • 5 Star Award: HealthGrades, 2009-2012
  • Patient Choice Award: Vitals, 2008-2012
  • Physician of the Year Award, Providence Hospital Caduceus Society
  • Compassionate Doctor Recognition: Vitals, 2011
  • Celebration of Success Board Resolution, Providence/St. John Health System
  • Current Chairs of the Providence Colorectal Surgery Services, entrusted to train new generations of bowel surgeons
  • Current Chair of the Providence Department of Colorectal Surgery

As important and as appreciated as these professional distinctions are, Dr. Damadi and Dr. Pearlman get the greatest pride from the feedback of the most important part of their medical practice, their patients.   For a comprehensive listing of Dr. Pearlman and Dr. Damadi’s credentials, please click here.

A Commitment to Medical Innovation
Dr. Pearlman and Dr. Damadi embraced the principles of minimally-invasive surgery early on; they now perform 95% of their surgeries using laparoscopic techniques.  These procedures utilize small cameras and surgical equipment to minimize scarring and to accelerate the post-operation healing process.  For more complicated surgeries, they work together as a team, providing twice the expertise for you or your family.  To learn more about our minimally-invasive colorectal treatment options, please click here.

Dedication to Our Patients
Going into the colorectal surgeon’s office can be a frightening experience.   Many of the patients sitting in our waiting room are there for the first time, waiting to receive a colonoscopy (the traditional procedure for colon cancer screening) whose findings may change the patient’s life.  Others are coming to us for a colorectal surgical consult, perhaps to remove a suspicious polyp, or even a cancerous tumor.  We understand your fears and we want to do everything we can to eliminate them.  Please read more about our patient-centered approach to medical practice by clicking here.

Make an appointment today by calling us at 248-557-9650.


Are you seeking to learn more about your colorectal health? Dr. Pearlman and Dr. Damadi provide a comprehensive, patient-friendly explanation of many of the most common colorectal and gastroenterological conditions. Simply click on the link here.   Providence Colorectal surgeons are among the first colorectal surgeons in the Detroit area to specialize in minimally invasive, laparoscopic colorectal surgery using Davinci Robotic technology. Advantages of laparoscopic surgery compared to conventional surgery include less postoperative pain and scarring, shorter hospital stays and quicker recovery.   Patients are often confronted with a lot of information and instruction by their colorectal surgeon in a very short time frame. Providence Colorectal has developed a Patient Check List to help patients to prepare for their upcoming procedure.   Dr. Ralph Pearlman is proud to introduce Meditoons, a patient-education tool compatible with all Apple products. Dr. Pearlman's app uses cartoon animations to illustrate the causes and effects of many of the most common colorectal and gastroenterological conditions. Download the app for free by clicking this link.