What You Should Know About Diverticulosis

What is a Diverticulosis?
Diverticulosis is the formation of Diverticulum, or ‘pouches’ on the bowel. They grow as we age. Almost all Americans 80 years old will have formed them.

Why do Diverticulum Develop?

They develop over years of ‘increased pressure’ within our large intestine. This pressure weakens the wall of the bowel, gradually pushing out ‘diverticulum’, or pouches.


The overwhelming majority of us have no problems with diverticulosis. It is mild and causes no symptoms.

There are however, 3 problems that can develop:

  • Perforation: The spillage of stool and bacteria into surrounding tissues creating infection. This is called Diverticulitis.
  • Bleeding
  • Chronic abdominal pain and irregularity


For Complete Information About Diverticulosis:

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