Hemorrhoids In Southfield, MI


What You Should Know About Hemorrhoid Surgery

Hemorrhoids are a normal part of the anatomy. We have two sets; internal and external. The external hemorrhoids tend to hurt. The internal hemorrhoids tend to bleed, soil, itch, ache, and can ‘block’ the bowel movement from passing.

  • Hemorrhoids are typical without symptoms
  • Irritation of Internal Hemorrhoids
    - Bleeding
    - Itching
    - Soiling
    - Difficulty Cleaning
    - Aching
  • Irritation of External Hemorrhoids
    - Bleeding
    - Pain

Non-Surgical Treatment Options:

  1. Soften the stool.
  2. Shrink the Hemorrhoids.
  3. Relieving the pain

Procedure Related Options:

  • Rubber-band Ligation
    - Small rubber-band placed upon the ‘root’ of the hemorrhoid. After several days the hemorrhoid falls off. This works only for the inside hemorrhoids, because they have few pain fibers in them.


  • Typical without much pain
  • May return to work the same day
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